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IP Telephony & Unified Communication


Empower your business communication with our advanced IP PBX solution, revolutionizing how you connect and collaborate.

Contact Centre Software

Transform customer interactions with our Contact Centre Software, delivering seamless omnichannel support and unparalleled customer experiences.

IP Phones

Experience crystal-clear communication and enhanced productivity with our state-of-the-art IP phones

Audio Conferencing

Experience crystal-clear communication with our Audio Conferencing solution, bringing teams together regardless of location.

Zoom / Teams Video Conferencing Devices

Elevate your virtual meetings with our Zoom / Teams Video Conferencing Devices, delivering crystal-clear audio and high-definition video for seamless collaboration.

Network Switches

Enterprise Campus

Unlock the full potential of your enterprise campus with our integrated solutions, optimizing connectivity, security, and collaboration.

Small Medium Business (SMB)

Elevate your small to medium-sized business with tailored solutions designed to boost efficiency, scalability, and success.

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Simplify your network infrastructure and power your devices with efficiency using our Power over Ethernet (PoE) solution.


Elevate your operations with our industrial-grade solutions, engineered for reliability, efficiency, and performance excellence.

Wireless Solutions

Enterprise Class

Experience enterprise-class wireless solutions redefining connectivity standards for businesses.

Small Medium Business (SMB)

Elevate your SMB's connectivity with tailored wireless solutions, ensuring seamless operations and enhanced productivity without breaking the bank.

Outdoor / Industrial-Grade

Experience robust outdoor and industrial-grade solutions engineered to withstand harsh environments while delivering reliable connectivity for mission-critical operations

Wireless AP Router

Streamline your network with our Wireless AP Router, offering seamless connectivity and enhanced security for all your devices.

Product Selector

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100M SFP Modules

Unlock high-speed data transfer with our 100M SFP modules, ensuring reliable connectivity for your network infrastructure.

1G SFP Modules

Upgrade your network infrastructure with high-performance 1G SFP modules for enhanced data transmission and reliability.

10G SFP+ Modules

Unlock lightning-fast data transmission with our 10G SFP+ modules, revolutionizing network performance and scalability.

40G QSFP+ Modules

Unlock unparalleled data transmission speeds with our 40G QSFP+ modules, driving high-performance networking solutions.

100G QSFP28 Modules

Maximize network efficiency with our 100G QSFP28 modules, delivering blazing-fast data transmission without compromise.



Streamline network management with our robust NMS solution, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency at every level.

Security & Surveillance

Security & Surveillance

Elevate your security with our comprehensive surveillance solutions, ensuring peace of mind and protection for your assets.


All Storage

Unlock unparalleled storage solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring seamless data management and accessibility.

IT Asset Management

IT Asset Management

Elevate efficiency and control with our comprehensive IT Asset Management solution, optimizing resource allocation and minimizing risks.